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Doonsamriddhi Nidhi Limited is one of the non banking finance sector and recognized under section 620 A of the company Act 2013. The company has the rues and objectives that are same as a bank but is only in effect to someone who is a member of Doonsamriddhi Nidhi Limited.

Our Vision

In future we think that Doonsamriddhi Nidhi Limited reaches at that point from where we means all my employees and members together with high colors, For this in the Futures aspect we want to increase our members and employees as far as possible. Doonsamriddhi Nidhi Limited is not only a company of one member but it is the company of those who joined and will join with it.

Our Mission

Create the awareness about saving and value of the money so that they can change their lifestyle. Our mission is to create an employee with loyalty, reliability and hard work. Our mission is to change the thoughts of the public regarding their lifestyle and development.